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Sound Installation
zinc bucket, steel springs, transducer, amplifier mp3, 7‘16‘‘, loop
approx. 250x200x34cm

The installation is based on the feeling of inner shock. Personal experiences or moments, global facts or conditions, which may be in the past or present, and which are able to shake one so much that they tremble quite far into one's own everyday life.

The core of the installation is a transducer suspended in the air between two steel springs. One spring leads to a silvery zinc bucket, which serves as a resonating body, the other leads to the corresponding lid, which hangs from the ceiling and also resonates. The transducer plays very low sine tones (below 50Hz). The movement of the transducer causes the springs to move and vibrate differently depending on the frequency, which in turn begins to sound at the resonating bodies.

The installation combines the visual level of the sound with the acoustic one. Thus, one partially sees the sound through the vibration of the spring, but does not yet hear it. It is also possible to hear the movement or vibration of frequencies below 20Hz. Since the springs have different lengths and different degrees of tension, they do not move equally to the same frequencies.

Photos: Tim Rod

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