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Sound Installation
mixed media, 4’51’’, loop, mono

approx. 100x42x42cm
the handrail can be (gently) touched

The touch of your hand deals with situations of unintentional intimacy. The focus here is on the tactile perception of sound. By touching the handrail, the visitor can not only hear the sound, but also feel and change it‘s quality, as the resonance of the handrail changes. The sound reminds you of someone whispering, but without understanding a word and points out to the intimate character of the object, as it gets touched by so many people. One could also say touching the handrail is almost like touching the hand of a stranger.

Technical details:
The sound is played back through a tactile transducer. The original sound is an ASMR-recording of someone whispering in swiss german. With FFT-Analysis (Fast Fourier Transformation) the sample got sliced in very small samples (but bigger than grains), sorted by timbre and amplitude, rearranged and composed to a incomprehensible sound scape of something that sounds like language, but isn‘t really words nor meaning.

Photos: Tim Rod

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