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Sound Installation
pipes, vibration motors, mini bluetooth speaker, smartphone, 3‘44‘‘ audio loop
approx. 160x200x100cm

Ohrohr is a sound installation that interacts with the environment in which it stands, transforming the existing ambient sounds into a musical soundscape. It consists of construction and vacuum cleaner pipes that have been tied together to form a colorful knot. The ambient sounds flow through the pipes and make them sound in different ways. Additional sound generators are integrated into some of the tubes, subtly blending with the ambient sounds. However, it is impossible to tell which tubes have been manipulated and which have not, since the sound generators have been placed well hidden and some tubes resonate strongly even without manipulation. Thus, the recipients can hold their ears to the openings of the tubes and listen to these different sounds. Ohrohr is a „catalyst of perception“, because the sound installation points out to the surrounding sounds, which have so far only been perceived unconsciously: a cup telephone to the sounding flow of the world.

Photos: Lisa Mark

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