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for a dancer, head construction, steel wire, live electronics for 8-channel sound (variable, min. 4-channel)
Lisa Mark, Concept and Composition
Mira Studer, Dance

The body is in the center, the center moves through space. Although there is only one point of contact with the rope, one hears the totality of all parts of the body interacting. The dancer plays around the tension that is created, shifting it in the body and in the space. The guiding principle of this work is an inverted tightrope dance. Instead of balancing with the feet on the taut rope, the dancer balances with the head. In contrast to contemporary dance practices, where movement is often perceived in relation to the floor, here the movements are perceived in relation to the head. The rope is not stretched under the dancer, but above her. She dances to the sounds of the wire rope functioning as a string, which she produces herself through her movements. The generated sounds are electronically processed live depending on the dancer's position in space. Instrumentally, the dancer moves through the space as a human bridge.

Photo: Stephan Wermuth

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