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Sound and Action Performance

by Gemma Ragués and Lisa Mark


Drawn rooms in white tape recreate a scenography only filled up by objects found by the artists in Swiss second hand stores. A sound and action disturbing sequence - created by playing and placing the objects - builds up carefully the rules of an abstract place reminiscent of a waiting room. Ringing a bell with the foot, folding and bringing towels are the main actions that will absorb and eventually lead the performers to a lost state. Performing, waiting, being in or out the game, being the technician, conducting the other - are some of the roles that the artists play in this rich meta-dimension place. The labyrinthic performance actually deals with getting lost, being lost or waiting to be lost, with the relationship between people and objects and maybe the stories behind them.

How do you know if you are lost Lisa?

I mean, are you lost?


Are we lost?

I am sorry. I mean, did we find this lamp?

Text: Gemma Ragués Pujol

Photos: Tim Rod

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