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4’58’’, stereo

Composition by Lisa Mark
Mixed and mastered by Benoît Piccand and Tobias Lanz

Sometimes it‘s not easy to say no.
Sometimes it‘s easier to say yes.
Sometimes we don‘t know what we‘re saying yes to.
Or we know what we‘re saying yes to, but then we can‘t say no when it goes beyond what we agreed to.
This is not easy.

The basic material of the composition are studio recordings of the whispered to shouted words YES and NO. As we know, our communication does not only consist of words, so a YES can also mean NO and a NO can also mean YES.

Through the human expression of the voice, but also through various sound synthesis techniques and compositional strategies, the composition refers to the imposed ambiguity and uncertainty of the seemingly unambiguous words YES and NO. To achieve this, various editing and montage techniques, panning shots and classical effects were used. At one point in the composition, for example, one hears a clearly spoken YES in the left ear, but at the same time a whispered NO in the right ear. On the other hand, the acoustic properties of the words were exchanged by synthesis techniques, but without changing the actual word. For example, at one point the phase of the YES is replaced by the phase of the NO, but the amplitude remains the same.

The track is part of the compilation I Wanna Be A Superstar Vol. 1.«I Wanna Be A Superstar Vol. 1 is a compilation featuring 11 tracks by members and friends of the CRTTR collective.

JA(NEIN). NEIN.Lisa Mark
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