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Sometimes it's not easy to say no.

Sometimes it's easier to say yes.

Sometimes we don't know what we are saying yes to.

Or we know what we're saying yes to, but then we can't say no anymore when it goes beyond what we agreed to.

It's not easy.

The track is part of the compilation I Wanna Be A Superstar Vol. 1.«I Wanna Be A Superstar Vol. 1 is a compilation featuring 11 tracks by members and friends of the CRTTR collective.

>> Side A focuses on sonic exploration throughout various types of ambient, drone and spoken word. Different types of instruments including distorted guitars, synthesizers, voice and lots more are used to create new worlds.

>> Side B features more rhythmical and club-oriented tracks. Starting from glitchy beats and lovely chords and ending in bass-heavy bangers created for the dance floor. Always with an ear for sounds and rhythms that go beyond standard party mechanisms.

Mixed and mastered by Benoît Piccand and Tobias Lanz

Artwork/design: Jost Zeindler


JA(NEIN). NEIN.Lisa Mark
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