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Lisa Mark (*1996) is a sound and visual artist, living and working in Bern, Switzerland. She holds a Bachelor in Sound Arts (2021) and completed the Master of Contemporary Arts Practice at the University of Arts in Bern in 2023.

A large part of her artistic practice is about listening. Listening enables her to notice things that are largely overlooked by society. The artist poetically processes current socio-political issues into audio-visual sound installations, compositions, videos or performances. By focusing on the physical perception of sound in particular, her works create intimate moments in which experience comes to the fore as a form of knowledge. She is predominantly interested in human relationships to and through objects, often working with the sounds and properties of everyday objects.

In addition to her own practice, she is part of the Bernese-based collective CRTTR, a platform and label for experimental music and art. Her work has been shown in Switzerland (Dampfzentrale, SONOHR, Rhizom Festival, and more), France (IRCAM), Germany (ZKM, re:festival) and the USA (7th International Conference On Movement And Computing).

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